Room for Doubt

Many people have questions about faith. Ben Young knows what it’s like to feel as if you’re alone in your doubts. In Room for Doubt, Ben offers:

  • An honest look at hard questions about God, the Bible, and faith
  • Examples of spiritual giants in Scripture and history who doubted
  • Insight into how to process uncertainty, suffering, and disappointment with God
  • Clarity on the difference between uncertainty and mystery
  • Encouragement about how doubt and faith go together

Praise for Room for Doubt

Ben Young has written a wonderful book for believers who struggle with doubt, and for doubters who struggle with faith. It is thoughtful and informed and honest and gracious. I recommend it without a doubt.
— John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Church and author of All the Places to Go
Through his personal story, the accounts of great heroes of Christian faith, and careful biblical exegesis, Ben Young shows us how we should welcome doubts and use our doubts to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and the reliability of the Bible. This book is the best I have read on how to process our doubts to develop a more secure and loving relationship with our Creator and Savior.
— Hugh Ross, PhD, astronomer, pastor and author of Improbable Planet
Room for Doubt gives us a rare look at familiar men and women of faith from the Bible and Christian history who wrestled with doubt. Ben Young offers hope and grace for anyone and everyone who has serious questions about their faith. This is a must read for those struggling with doubt and for those who minister to them.
— Marian Jordan Ellis, author of Stand and founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries
Room for Doubt is my new go-to book for any believer dealing with doubt. Ben Young writes with empathy, insight, and biblical truth. He offers practical help for those who want to do more than just ‘survive’ doubt but in fact want to thrive in the midst of it.
— Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage
Ben Young has written an honest book, one that can be given to Christians and non-Christians alike. It’s a book about doubt, and he does all of us a favor by his willingness to talk about it. The apostle Paul showed courage when he spoke of his own despair, which came from an affliction beyond his own strength. Believers, even if they don’t admit it, go through times of doubt. But Ben helps us see the ways in which doubt can actually be a vehicle for spiritual growth.
— Dr. Robert B. Sloan, President of Houston Baptist University
This book is pure gold. We all get lost in the forest of doubt from time to time, counting on some leftover cookie crumbs to follow. Ben Young has been there, and he shares his personal story with refreshing transparency. Within these pages is the map he used to navigate crushing doubt and find his way back to courageous faith.
Whether you are a ‘first responder’ in ministry, encouraging a neighbor or friend, or on your own journey in the wilderness, this book provides the compass you need to return home.
— Dr. Jay Strack, president and founder of Student Leadership University
From a very personal perspective, Ben Young sheds light on the fact that doubt isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s often the one thing that draws us closer to God. For anyone who has ever faced the foe of doubt, this book is for you!
— Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Church and author of New York Times bestseller Sexperiment